The Cradle and the Crescent – now in PDF!

Newsflash just today on the Atlas Games website – my first ArM5 supplement, The Cradle and the Crescent is now available for download as a PDF from e23 (the digital store for Warehouse 23)!

I’m very excited by this for two reasons.

Firstly it means the first print run has sold out – as an author that’s particularly gratifying that people like your work and that your ideas are truly “out there in the wild”. Second and perhaps more practically relevant, it means that I can store the book on my laptop in future, which means less lugging hardcovers around and makes it much easier to research for future writing projects (a process I’ll discuss at a later date hopefully).

At 192 pages, that works out to less than 10c per page, amazing value IMO, but I’m possibly biased.  If that doesn’t sell you, check out the free preview of the ToC and part of the Introduction & Sagas chapter and/or head over to my comments on the writing process and further concepts and ideas cut from the final draft.


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