Third Book in Final Stages…

AtlasNoImageMy third ArM5 supplement is now in its final stages.

I can’t talk about it and I can’t talk about why (due to the NDA), but I can say its gestation has been roughly equivalent to a combination of the Schism War and the Sundering without a half-time rest break for oranges. Having said that, I think it’s a real cracker now and all the hard work and grinding away by the playtesters will have been worth it in the end.

I still need to do some last minor edits and we need to come up with the art ideas and a cover image concept, but it should race through otherwise. I’m not sure exactly where this means it will stand in the release schedule however.

Once this is sorted and I’ve adjusted the last few changes to my “Training Packages for Redcaps” article for Sub Rosa, I’ll post more material here.

2 thoughts on “Third Book in Final Stages…”

  1. I’ve been involved in some long projects. “Apprentices” took literally years. Nice feeling when the end is in sight, right? Well done!

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