Lost Excerpts from the City of Brass

While Marko was crafting the bulk of the City of Brass adventure we submitted for Tales of Power, we had a vigorous discussion on which Realm the City should be located.

There was no vengeful Ignem magic used at any point but I’d note that when he’s headed in a particular creative direction, there’s very little that can dissuade him! That’s what I really like about Marko, he’s passionately committed to his artistic vision.

At one stage I thought Faerie more appropriate, but he convinced me Magic worked better. This proved to be the better choice as made the Brass Bottle mechanics much easier to refine and we could link the bottles with the city buildings which was a core concept.

Marko’s decision also made it much easier to work out the relationship between the various regiones. This resulted ultimately in the “concept map” I created on page 59, which has been beautifully realized by Sean MacDonald over at Fantasy Cartography from the near illegible scanned scratchings I sent him. Sean’s a very talented artist – I loved his maps in The Cradle and the Crescent and may even commission something from him for the Erythraean Sea project I’ll be working on once I finish my official edits.

During the drafting process, while we were deciding on how to model the ‘afrit, I worked up some inserts and paragraphs related to my original Faerie concepts. With the passage of time I think the Faerie option works best as a “replay”, with the magi and their servants falling into a story about the Magic city. This may be either an Arcadian version of their own adventure, a Eudokian version of  the original Emir Musa’s tale, or perhaps they fall into a completely different tale.

See here for the details of the excerpts relating to my Faerie options.

Tales of Power Spotted in the Wild!

Tales of Power has been spotted in the wild according to a post by Christian on the Atlas Forums. This means the previously unbreakable Solomonic Seal of the NDA has been broken, releasing the other authors and I from our brass bottles and allowing comment on the content…

So ask away over at the forums, this humble jinni is awaiting your command!