More Mythic Genoa Resources

Over on the Mythic Genoa page I’ve finally added a link to a great summary essay by Dr Stephen Epstein, author of one of the books I’ve used extensively in my research on the topic: Genoa and the Genoese, 958-1528. The essay greatly expands on the small amount of detail presented in the original (deeply flawed) ArM3 ToH: Rome and is a great introduction to Epstein’s larger work.

I’ve also included some notes on adapting “The Ship of Desire”, an adventure from ToME written by the very versatile and talented ArM5 line author Matt Ryan, to a Genoese vessel sailing the Ligurian Sea. The adaption could well be used on its own or even as a lead in for travellers on their way to Rome and then onwards to the Levant. With some further adaption and foreshadowing the scenario could be linked to Matt’s adventure from Tales of Power, “Cardinal Decision”, a sterling piece detailing the intrigues created by magi and hedge-wizards interfering in a papal election in the city of Rome.