More Redcap Material

I’ve added some cut sections from my “Training Packages for Redcaps” article that recently appeared in Sub Rosa #13 (the “Diedne Issue” as it’s come to be known) to the Redcap Project pages. The original draft was longer (the final article is still ~7,600 words) and the following two sections had to be sacrificed.

The first is a section on pregnancy and its effect on characters – House Mercere has a focus on family and producing offspring most unlike any other Hermetic House and I wanted to have some way to model this for younger female Redcaps (and possibly magae that have not yet undergone a Longevity Ritual). It presents an abstracted simplification about the physical effects of pregnancy. I didn’t much care for the overly detailed mechanics presented in Sub Rosa #11 (“Conception and Pregnancy”, by Richard Wiles and Cameron Weedon) – I think such important aspects of a character’s life should be roleplayed rather than random, but I think some idea of the effects is warranted.

The second cut section is a brief note on designing Transylvanian Redcaps (as per Against the Dark, the definition of a Redcap in the Tremere’s home Tribunal is broader than elsewhere).

Birth of a Monstrous Child (Wikimedia Commons)

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