#1 Of Walking Sticks and Makilas

A Basque makila of medlar wood (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

If there’s one thing a medieval traveler needs, it’s a good walking stick and Redcaps are no exception. Ever since I saw the picture in ArM3 Houses of Hermes, page 79 of Enomil, the Gifted Mercere sworn to follow in the steps of Mercere by delivering messages for seven years without casting magic, I’ve always considered Redcaps employ walking sticks.

The first instalment of this series of pages describes the potential and characteristics of such mundane and magical tools. I’ve included details for local variants such as the alpenstock (Greater Alps), the Way of Santiago pilgrim’s bordon (Provencal, Iberia) and the Basque makila (Iberia) in the article.

One thought on “#1 Of Walking Sticks and Makilas”

  1. I realize that mutantum is Merecere magic but i would do tool of convenience as duration concentration item maintains concentration for exactly the same level and not requiring the virtue, If item capacity wasn’t an issue (and it might not be for lesser enchanted items that redcaps are likely to acquire) I’d do concentration + item maintains for “From Hiking to Hunting” as well.

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