#3 If The Shoe Fits

Magical footwear has been around as a concept for a long time – in my mind, ever since I read about Dorothy wishing she was back in Kansas but I have since learnt the motif is much, much older than that. I have fond memories of boots of elvenkindboots of striding and springing and Shoes of Fharlanghn’s from when I was younger and rolled more dice than I care to remember.

ArM5 versions of the first two examples have no doubt made their way into several Sagas already, but I think the third example may be the most inspiring for Redcap footwear. The Shoes of Fharlanghn (at least according to Wikipedia):

…are thick-soled shoes that never wear out. Those who walk in them will never tire from ordinary walking. Those of neutral or neutral good alignment who wear them gain a variety of additional benefits, including immunity to being tripped, slipping, falling into a pit, or tiring from climbing hills. Those who worship Fharlanghn cannot become lost or surprised, and can use the Shoes to climb even vertical surfaces.

Nearly all of these effects could be readily replicated by Hermetic magic, except the enchantment preventing Fatigue breaks the Limit of Energy and would therefore require a Breakthrough, Faerie boon or the use of hedge magic (perhaps a variant of the Folk Witch’s Healing Ability, see HMRE page 38).

Perhaps the metallic shoes pictured here are a bit ostentatious and anachronistic for the average Redcap, but they certainly look magical enough. Here therefore are several ideas for magical footwear that Redcaps may find attractive.

(Thanks kindly to Timothy Ferguson for the inspiration of Marco’s “Unlose-able” shoes, which despite his initial reservations, I may well nag him to write up as a Faerie).


2 thoughts on “#3 If The Shoe Fits”

  1. Sure, hermetic magic can’t restore energy, but it can erase (or rather hide) the fatigue penalties, meaning someone wearing these shoes could never feel tired from walking, thus leading to the legend.

    1. Your point is well noted but ignoring Fatigue penalties is different to not never tiring. The former potentially results in a messenger that collapses upon delivery of their burden like the messenger of Marathon, the latter achieves a hale and hearty Redcap still able to carouse once their official duties are discharged. I agree Hermetic magic would be useful to offset the Fatigue penalties for mounts however (again at the risk of the poor stage horse collapsing upon arrival).

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