#4 The Magic that is Good Dentistry

Golden Lickstones? (Photo credit: Portable Antiquities Store)
Golden Lickstones? (Photo credit: Portable Antiquities Store)

My father is a dentist and I had terrible teeth when I was younger (extractions, plates, braces, root canal etc etc), so believe me when I say I know the value of good dentistry!

It’s something I never thought I’d find useful in terms of RPG inspiration – until now. The more I think about, the more potential enchanted dental prostheses have. Odd but intriguing.

ArM4 Sanctuary of Ice (The Greater Alps Tribunal), page 20 introduced the concept of lickstones, small concealable objects that can be readily concealed within the mouth of a Redcap:

…The least conspicuous Whitlams are called lickstones; small metal or opal plates that fasten magically to the palate, and hide beneath a layer of illusion. Initially designed for dealing with faeries, which can see magical objects and are sometimes attracted to them, the stones are also used in situations where it is possible the Redcap will be imprisoned. The only serious defect with lickstones is that they become inactive on holy ground. This design feature was included to ensure that no redcap forgets he is wearing one, and takes Communion with it still in his mouth. Since this accident is yet to occur, no one is sure what the result would be…

The image on the right is from a website of odd antiques and although anachronistic (the golden dental plate is apparently circa 1850), I think it gives a good impression of a full palate shaped lickstone might look like.

See here for details of lickstones and other enhanced dental options for Redcaps.

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