Hedge Magic Tragic

One of my somewhat more left-field topics of interest has always been hedge wizards and hedge magic – in fact, ever since I started reading and playing Ars Magica, I have always wondered about the role of the lesser magi and lesser magics in general.

De Alchemist (from Wikimedia Commons)

Yes, I’m a self-confessed hedge wizard tragic. To collate the various ideas, I’ve now added a page to link together my variant hedge magician articles here.

So far I’ve added the mazzeru of Corsica (Nightwalker), the practicos of Sardinia (Folk-Witch) and an updated ArM5 version of the ‘arraf of the Levant (Cunning-Folk). Once the Faith and Flame: the Provencal Tribunal supplement is released in the coming months, I will be posting various leftover Provencal hedge wizard ideas from my cut-files.

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