Mythic Corsica Part 1 – Mundane Landscape

Medieval CorsicaI’ve just now completed the first half of the Mythic Corsica gazetteer articles.

Originally one large article, I’ve decided to split it into a few sections (the Mazzeri article being one of the sections), both so I can post some material now and then finish off the second main section but also because I’ll probably add smaller articles over time under the Mythic Corsica page as a sub-folder of the larger Mythic Genoa project.

The first article deals with the “mundane landscape” of thirteenth century Corsica – by this I mean the overall geography, the cultural aspects, the important towns (Bonifacio and Cardo) and the islands relationship with the Church and the neighbouring rival maritime republics of Pisa and Genoa.

It includes information on the mundane vendetta, a Story Seed to enable travelling player characters enmeshed in the local culture of Corsica as a side plot and enough background to make the island playable and interesting enough on a basic level.

The second gazetteer article will detail the more interesting and rich “supernatural landscape” of Mythic Corsica – as I particularly liked the fourfold division of the supernatural aspects of the Theban Tribunal presented in The Sundered Eagle (Chapters 9-12), I’ve adopted a similar but more compressed style.

To round out the section I probably need to include a mazzeru Companion character, perhaps a Lone Redcap in the style of a Sub Rosa “Companion Piece” article, but I think I’ll write the mazzeru up in that format first as a writing improvement exercise. I find it challenging to write NPCs and loathe creating statistic blocks in general, which is actually one of the main reasons why I wrote the “Redcap Training Packages” article for Sub Rosa #13, aka “The Diedne Issue”.

Besides, I like to support Ben and Mark‘s sterling efforts with the ArM5 fanzine!




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