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Suleiman the Magnificent

I’ve always been meaning to collate some of the threads written in response to The Cradle and the Crescent, particularly relating to the sahir and jinn. This recent post on the Atlas Games forums prompted me to revisit this idea.

I’ve created a short list of relevant threads in the Order of Suleiman section.

I’ll try and keep this updated over time as a reference.

ToC for Faith and Flame (Provencal) up

Lamia (Basque faerie)

We’re edging closer to the proposed June release date for Faith and Flame: the Provencal Tribunal. Some of the art is starting to trickle through, which is always fun as an author to see how the artists have interpreted some of your ideas that have up til now just been words in your head or on the screen of a word processing program.

The latest update is the release of a downloadable PDF of the Table of Contents on the Atlas Games site. Check it out for a sneak preview of what the supplement holds!

For example:

  • Background on the Albigensian Crusade
  • A whole chapter on Val Negra
  • The Basques and their sorginak witches
  • New Mercurian magic
  • A ton of Story Seeds

I’ll be closely watching what the comments are over at the forums here and working on the associated cut-files with the intent of posting some of the material here or submitting articles to Sub Rosa.

Sub Rosa Issue Contents Collated

I often refer to Sub Rosa for inspiration and ideas.

There’s now well over 100 articles written for ArM5 to date.

Sub Rosa Website May 2014

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a collected contents (like the one for its predecessor Hermes Portal found here) or an index, so decided to bug Mark and Ben about it. Although there is some information in the review thread over at the Atlas Games Forums, they both thought it was a good idea.

I understand that indexes take a long time to compile. Then I thought apart from some repetitive formatting tasks, a contents summary is relatively easy to construct, so I decided I may as well just save them some trouble and make one myself.

Click here for the collated contents, which I’ll try and keep up to date as new issues are released and notify the forums when I do an update.

For those of you interested in older fanzine articles, the compiled contents of the 15 issues of Sub Rosa’s predecessor, Hermes Portal (2001-2005, edited by Eric Kouris) can be found here. Although dealing mainly with ArM4, all the past issues have been made available as free PDF downloads and there are a load of good ideas to be found.

Also, I don’t speak French, but if you do or if you employ  Google Chrome’s Translate function you might be able to access the old French fanzine, Ars Mag(published up until 2001 IIRC, also by Eric Kouris, but the link appears to be currently broken (someone let me know if they have access to these).


Provencal Tribunal Book now available for Pre-order on Amazon

ArM5 Provencal Tribunal Book

Not long now…

OK, so it’s always a bit variable as to accuracy but at least it’s listed now on Amazon (click on the image to the right for the link). IIRC the order link from the Atlas Games website usually follows once a more definite date is known.

I’ve seen the various maps for this and I must say that they’re looking damn fine!

I can’t say much now but the various authors are now discussing how to work up the off-cuts and some supplemental ideas for wider circulation, perhaps via Sub Rosa, so be on the lookout for  further announcements soon…