Redcap Training Packages article now online

An Redcap’s bag of letters

I’ve now uploaded my “Training Packages for Redcaps” article from Sub Rosa #13 (aka “the Diedne Issue”) as the 9-month exclusive publishing agreement has expired.

The appendix to the article includes a full write-up of a sample Alpine Redcap, Cymena of Rorschach, presented at three stages of her development (immediately post-Gauntlet, 15 years into her career, and at the time of her retirement) similar to the example magi are detailed in Magi of Hermes.

Together with the 2 related sections cut from the original article on Motherhood in House Mercere and Designing Transylvanian Redcaps (now linked to the main article) and the various Redcap Magic Item ideas I hope this will provide a useful and growing resource for using Redcaps in ArM5 games.