Musings on the Grog’s Statistics

I don’t really understand the WordPress statistics yet, but poking around has unearthed some interesting revelations. For instance, here’s the Top Pages/Posts for My Life as a Grog since it’s conception:

Top Posts August 2014So apart from the Home page, the Mythic Genoa  section seems the most popular overall, which is somewhat reassuring as that’s meant to be one of the main topics I focus on. As a sub-page of this project, the Baliestrieri Genovese (crossbowmen) seems to really punch above its weight – sure it’s a nice little character guide but I didn’t expect it would be so popular. Perhaps it fills a need for the template for a grog crossbow specialist?

Also, the Walking Sticks article (part of the More than Messengers Redcap material pages) comes in sixth after the home page which is gratifying as I was hoping it to be a useful and interesting piece with wide applicability. Every Redcap needs a walking stick I figured and it seems like there’s more than a passing interest.

In terms of “hosted” material, Marko’s Societas Flambonis article (including his Flambeau Apocrypha) is deservedly popular, and it seems like the Sub Rosa Issues Compiled Contents has also proven a worthwhile undertaking.

Maybe I should offer to host more external material? 

Oddly, the small piece I wrote explaining why “Doissetep” doesn’t appear in Faith and Flame seems to have scored a disproportionately large number of hits. Strange.

Top Posts 30 days August 2014

Looking at the last 30 days, the supplemental Provencal material features prominently, which makes sense I suppose. The Training Packages for Redcaps article features strongly which is also good – I put a lot of effort into that piece of writing and hope it’s helpful for Troupes and of wider interest to the community.

Marko’s Flambeau article still features strongly in the month – it’s useable with Provencal certainly but I wonder whether this suggests it has ongoing appeal. It’s a great article so it deserves to be accessible.

I’m not sure if this helps or not?






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