Return of the Deep Ones?

I’ve just moved into a new place and unpacked one of my older boxes of books and was delighted to discover a trove of Mythos related source material I’ve collected, specifically Innsmouth and Deep One stories:

Various Anthologies with Deep One source material

The top 3 are the Stephen Jones collated anthologies that include a number of great stories by Neil Gaiman, JohnGlasby, Brian Lumley,  Kim Newman / Jack Yeovil and others. While the first volume was originally published back in 1994 by Del Rey with high hopes, there were apparently issues with continuing as planned and it took almost a decade for the next two planned volumes to appear in 2013 and 2015 respectively (Titan as the publisher). The first collection of the series contains the whole narrative of Lovercraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” from which the titles and concepts are derived, while the later books contain variant discarded drafts of the story and rarities such as Lovecraft’s poem “The Port” and August Derleth’s “Innsmouth Clay” story that builds on some of HP’s abandoned / unfinished writings.

The bottom left two anthologies are the products of Chaosium Books (1998 and 1999) and contain various Innsmouth related stories, arguably of lesser quality, but still containing some potentially useful ideas for Mythos themed scenarios and character concepts.

“Return of the Deep Ones” includes some of Lumley’s other stories as well as the entire novel of the title – behind it is an Encyclopedia of the Cthulu Mythos I must have picked up somewhere in my peripatetic book collecting.

I’ve also collected a number of other Innsmouth related eBooks:

And there are a number of Deep One themed stories in some of my other collections that I’ll have to pull out and look for further details…

The Diverse Grog

It’s been over 6 months since I last posted to this blog – during the hiatus I had a brief foray into writing another RPG blog, but although I learnt a lot from that particular experiement, for a variety of personal reasons that stopped as well. I’ve now had a chance to regroup and reflect and I think the time has come to evolve the site into a more general RPG blog (because there just aren’t enough of those, eh?).

I’ve decided I’ll keep the name out of affection for my work on Ars Magica 5th Edition and all the material is still there, just neatly filed under the “Ars Magica” tab above.

Go on take a look now and double-check for the most popular ArM5 pages…

The main difference is I’ve lifted most of the non-Ars Magica content out from behind the “Sundry” tab into different tabs eg. GDW’s Twilight 2k, Iron Kingdoms, Pathfinder RPG etc for ease of reference although the somewhat surprisingly popular 3 Optional Weapons for Mouse Guard is still hidden in there for the moment as it’s the only MG article and I haven’t written any additional material for that system since.

So a more diverse grog, a more evolved grog perhaps but with all the history?