Real Books Made Mythic

Identifying ArM5 Subjects & Specialties for Academic Books It can be difficult to convert real books into useful Mythic equivalents, as the topics covered by a particular author do not always fit the limited list of Academic and General Abilities detailed in ArM5, p63. There is only limited granularity within the Book rules to prevent … Continue reading Real Books Made Mythic

Books in ArM5

Books play an integral part in ArM5, particularly for magi. I’ve therefore collected various resources and ideas about books on an index page here. Reguli Librorum, the Rules of Books Real Books Made Mythic – Guidelines for Simulating Books in ArM5 ArM5 Books Listed by Ability Relevant related pages found elsewhere on the site: Notable Andalusian … Continue reading Books in ArM5


I’ve actually written four official supplements for Ars Magica 5th edition, but as of Feb 2013 only one has been published and released. Due to the NDA agreement authors sign with Atlas when starting a project, I can’t actually comment directly on any of the books until they are released and sighted in the wild … Continue reading Books