Supernatural Corsica

Although small in size, the island is saturated with supernatural flora, fauna, hedge magicians and Mythic sites. Unfortunately, just as it’s strategic naval position makes it the target of the intense rivalry of nearby Pisa and Genoa at the expense of it populace, Corsica’s magical resources make it the focus of a Hermetic power struggle … Continue reading Supernatural Corsica

Mythic Corsica Part 1 – Mundane Landscape

I’ve just now completed the first half of the Mythic Corsica gazetteer articles. Originally one large article, I’ve decided to split it into a few sections (the Mazzeri article being one of the sections), both so I can post some material now and then finish off the second main section but also because I’ll probably add smaller … Continue reading Mythic Corsica Part 1 – Mundane Landscape

Mundane Corsica

Essentially just a mountainous volcanic upthrust of rock in the western Mediterranean, the island of Corsica can effectively be considered as comprising two distinct geographic and cultural regions. The northern and northeastern region, the En-Deca, consists of fertile plains and light mountains and maintains the closest contact with Tuscany and the Italian mainland. The castagniccia, the vast … Continue reading Mundane Corsica

Mazzeri of Corsica

As follow up to this previous post, I’ve drafted a page detailing expanded rules and story ideas for the mazzeri, the endemic Nightwalker tradition of Corsica. The page includes a more detailed template of the Corsican hedge tradition as well as some suggested Mystery Virtues for exceptional mazzeru based on the legendary powers of this group. … Continue reading Mazzeri of Corsica

Mythic Corsica

An island of secluded granite, swathed in ancient pine forests only recently sprinkled with the newer chestnut trees planted by the maritime republics of Genoa and Pisa, Corsica remains isolated and aloof, it’s people inward looking rather than seafaring. Subject to a continual series of invasions by Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Saracens and more recently the … Continue reading Mythic Corsica

The Dream-Hunters (Mazzeru) of Corsica (Mythic Genoa material)

Now that the house is more sorted following the sale, I’ve begun to dig out some of my research material that’s been unceremoniously shoved into the wardrobes. By example, I’ve dug out this gem of a little book, which has the following blurb: “…The dream-hunters, or mazzeri, are unknown outside Corsica and probably date from … Continue reading The Dream-Hunters (Mazzeru) of Corsica (Mythic Genoa material)

Patadessa: Sardinian Knives

The pinnacle of north-eastern medieval Sardinian culture is the patadessa or Sardinian knife. Crafted lovingly by dedicated knifesmiths, the myrtle leaf-shaped blades deftly fold into their mouflon horn handles and exceptional examples are considered more precious than gemstones. Two similar styles, the s’arburessa with its flat rounded blade used for skinning animals and the rectangular lametta used for stripping … Continue reading Patadessa: Sardinian Knives