The City and Walls of Genoa

I’ve loaded up another gazetteer page for the Mythic Genoa section, this time detailing the basic city features and the stout medieval walls built by Frederick Barbarossa. Eventually I plan to commission (from Sean Macdonald over at Fantasy Cartography) a detailed map of medieval Genoa based on the various anachronistic maps I’ve found on the web … Continue reading The City and Walls of Genoa

The Dream-Hunters (Mazzeru) of Corsica (Mythic Genoa material)

Now that the house is more sorted following the sale, I’ve begun to dig out some of my research material that’s been unceremoniously shoved into the wardrobes. By example, I’ve dug out this gem of a little book, which has the following blurb: “…The dream-hunters, or mazzeri, are unknown outside Corsica and probably date from … Continue reading The Dream-Hunters (Mazzeru) of Corsica (Mythic Genoa material)

Introduction to Sardinia (Mythic Genoa material)

Since refocusing this blog somewhat, I’ve been trying to build in time to upload a significant amount of material once a week, typically a page worth of gazetteer material accompanied by a post elaborating on the inspiration or providing design notes. Apologies, but I’m a bit behind as the material I’ve been working on is … Continue reading Introduction to Sardinia (Mythic Genoa material)

The Islands of Goats (More Genoa Material)

I’ve added some more material to the Mythic Genoa section, a short gazetteer page on the Tuscan Archipelago – the group of islands offshore of Pisa and between Corsica that comprises Elba, Montecristo and several smaller islands. The group forms a loose southern boundary to the Ligurian Sea tightly controlled by Genoa’s galleys. In 1220 … Continue reading The Islands of Goats (More Genoa Material)

The City of Genoa

Genoa clings beneath the Ligurian mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, a semi-circular harbour with houses and buildings crowded into a narrow strip of coastal land between the valleys of the Polcevera and Bisagno torrents. It is a city of departures and arrivals, a place where journeys and stories begin, finish or pass through as the … Continue reading The City of Genoa

The Sacred and Profane in Genoa

I’ve updated two more pages to the Mythic Genoa project section, reflecting the contrasting devotional and commercial aspects of the commune. The first is a collection of relics and a short paragraph on the holy man ultimately destined to become Genoa’s first local saint, St Ugo the Hospitaller. The second page details a potential grog level … Continue reading The Sacred and Profane in Genoa

The Merchant of Genoa

The character below is an example Genoese merchant created as a grog using the guidelines and training packages presented in the Grogs supplement. A moderately successful trader still beholden to his trading company, this merchant nevertheless lacks the independence and flexibility of a Companion character. Neither a commoner nor a noble, he was forced to … Continue reading The Merchant of Genoa

More Mythic Genoa Resources

Over on the Mythic Genoa page I’ve finally added a link to a great summary essay by Dr Stephen Epstein, author of one of the books I’ve used extensively in my research on the topic: Genoa and the Genoese, 958-1528. The essay greatly expands on the small amount of detail presented in the original (deeply flawed) ArM3 ToH: Rome and is … Continue reading More Mythic Genoa Resources