There is no Mythic India, there is only al-Hind

The land of Al-Hind, on the far banks of the great river Indus, is mentioned briefly in The Cradle and the Crescent as a possible destination of merchants, the source of over-sized fantastic elephants and a place of many other marvels. There are vague references to the Mythic Muslim holdings of al-Sindh on the near … Continue reading There is no Mythic India, there is only al-Hind

Beyond the Horizon: Thoughts on Mediterranean Robinsonades

In a recent post over on Games from Folktales, Timothy commented on the concept of “Robinsonades” in terms of their story potential as a starting point for an Ars Magica Saga. Alluding to Shakespeare’s The Tempest as a potential source of inspiration, he broadly defines the concept in his first paragraph: A Robinsonade is a … Continue reading Beyond the Horizon: Thoughts on Mediterranean Robinsonades

Aeronaut Career

AERONAUT  (Prerequisites: Dwarf, Human, Gobber, Swamp Gobber, Trollkin, or Pyg)   Starting Abilities and Skills Abilities: Fearless*, Steady Military Skills: Thrown Weapon 1, and either Hand Weapon 1 or Pistol 1 Occupational Skills: Climbing 1 or Jumping 1, Navigation 1, Piloting** 1, and Rope Use 1 Starting Assets 50 gc, balloonist’s kit**, collapsible spyglass, goggles Aeronaut Abilities: Acrobatics, Bomber, Expert Pilot**, Fearless*, Hit the Deck, … Continue reading Aeronaut Career


Cost: 20 gc Skill: na Attack Modifier: –1 POW: 0 Description:  a studded leather buckler strapped to the forearm. Special Rules: A character wearing a buckler gains +1 ARM against attacks in his front arc. This bonus is not cumulative with that of a shield, another buckler or a Bloodtracker fighting claw (see 312 page IK:Unleashed). A character wearing a buckler … Continue reading Buckler