Patadessa: Sardinian Knives

The pinnacle of north-eastern medieval Sardinian culture is the patadessa or Sardinian knife. Crafted lovingly by dedicated knifesmiths, the myrtle leaf-shaped blades deftly fold into their mouflon horn handles and exceptional examples are considered more precious than gemstones. Two similar styles, the s’arburessa with its flat rounded blade used for skinning animals and the rectangular lametta used for stripping … Continue reading Patadessa: Sardinian Knives

Mythic Sardinia

… The Mundane Landscape The Giudicato of Torres (Logudoro) Patadessa: Sardinian Knives The Supernatural Landscape Verdi, domus magnus of House Verditius Suggested Reading Verdi, the domus magna of House Verditius, with an ArM5 compatible description in Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, pages 109. There is also an extensive and very different but outdated description in ArM3 Tribunals of Hermes: Rome, pages 87-95.

Practicos (Sardinian Folk Witch)

The local Sardinian equivalent of the northern Folk Witch presented in Hedge Magic: Revised Edition, the practicos (literally “those who are practical”) are wise women found mainly in the hinterland villages, although some urban practicos and male practitioners have been encountered. Predominantly unGifted individuals of peasant background, Mythic Companion level individuals are very rare. These more … Continue reading Practicos (Sardinian Folk Witch)

Introduction to Sardinia (Mythic Genoa material)

Since refocusing this blog somewhat, I’ve been trying to build in time to upload a significant amount of material once a week, typically a page worth of gazetteer material accompanied by a post elaborating on the inspiration or providing design notes. Apologies, but I’m a bit behind as the material I’ve been working on is … Continue reading Introduction to Sardinia (Mythic Genoa material)

Supernatural Corsica

Although small in size, the island is saturated with supernatural flora, fauna, hedge magicians and Mythic sites. Unfortunately, just as it’s strategic naval position makes it the target of the intense rivalry of nearby Pisa and Genoa at the expense of it populace, Corsica’s magical resources make it the focus of a Hermetic power struggle … Continue reading Supernatural Corsica

Hedge Magic

I’ve always been interested in hedge wizards in Ars Magica, ever since the original ArM4 Hedge Magic supplement by John Link and Aaron Snead introduced Ascetics, Cunning Folk, Natural Magicians and Spirit Masters but also the concept of the  gruagach from ArM3 Lion of the North. Unsurprisingly, one of my favourite ArM5 supplements has to be Hedge Magic: … Continue reading Hedge Magic