Hi there! I’m Jarkman, or at least that’s the moniker I’ll be using for this site. I’ve come to the somewhat belated and bemused realisation that I’m actually a published RPG author for Ars Magica 5th edition now, something I always dreamed of as a kid but never thought would ever really happen. I’m not really sure what to make of it now it has. My Life as a Grog is my attempt to make sense of it – compared to some of the other line authors I’m a minor player, so using the term grog seemed appropriate as a guard against hubris.

These days its seems like the thing to do if you are an RPG author is to have a website containing your design notes, cutfile material, juvenilia, half-finished projects and other general ramblings. This is also my way of creating and storing a collection of  some of the “better” pieces of my work that may be of interest to others.

I’m an infrequent lurker on the Ars Magica official forum. By infrequent, I mean whenever I get time to browse around which sadly isn’t that often given the demands of real life. I tend to focus on reading or posting Ars Magica related topics that interest me, which to be honest tend to be topics of peripheral interest to the majority of the online Ars community. I’m a hedge wizard tragic for one thing, which in a game dominated by Heremtic magi is a minority position to say the least.

If you want to ask me a direct question about something I’ve written for the official line or want to draw attention to a post that you think I might like to comment on feel free to drop me a line by Private Message or email. I’ll do my best to try to respond in a timely manner. I used to be on the Berklist too, but that seems to have been reduced to dying embers and I can’t say I miss it really, although it did teach me a lot about human (mis)behaviour.

Have a look around. I hope you enjoy leafing through the various pages.

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