So what is a grog, well at least in terms of writing for the Ars Magica line?

The relevant page from Project Redcap states:

“A grog can be any supporting character in an Ars Magica saga. In Second Edition and earlier, the term referred specifically to a warrior or bodyguard who works for a Magus or covenant. Starting with Third Edition, the term “grog” also includes other supporting characters, such as servants and craftsmen, who work for the magi.”

If writing for Ars Magica was compared to a typical saga, then the Line Editor would be the “Storyguide”, the major line authors “Magi” and other significant contributors “Companions”. Me, with only a few projects to my name, well I’m just a grog by comparison, hence the title of this blog.

Maybe someday I’ll rise higher… I’m probably unGifted, so if I can rise to being a Hedge Wizard Mythic Companion I’ll be happy.

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