by Jarkman

Some people may ask what’s with the odd name?

Well, I’ve been using this online “handle” for as long I can remember – which is a long time, as I suspect it dates from the time I first read Neuromancer, which probably shows my age. I don’t thing anyone uses the term “handle” anymore… so I guess that makes me a COOF, eh?

The word jarkman is an archaic term meaning “counterfeiter”. It’s an old Thieve’s Cant name, something I came up with because that’s what I thought was cool back when I first frequented the first incarnation of the Planescape Mailing List and started writing RPG material for Jon Winter’s I am the Mimir site (now sadly defunct).

Given I was writing what was essentially counterfeit historical fiction, it seemed very apt in the day. I really thought I was way too cool, like many a precocious teenager. In retrospect I’ll admit I was overly impressed by my own sense of not-so-subtle irony at the time.

I’m a lot older now and suspect it just seems somewhat precious and pretentious to most people, but I still cling to it mainly from a sense of nostalgia. I’m guess I’m getting sentimental in my old age.

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