Useful Links

This page contains various miscellaneous links to sites and sources I’ve found useful when writing material for Ars Magica 5th Edition:

  • Project Redcap. It’s really the only place to start online for all things Ars Magica IMO. Andrew Gronosky has done a fantastic job revitalising this hub and should be therefore acclaimed from the hills as loudly as possible.
  • Sub Rosa is the current ArM5 fanzine, produced by the team at Distant Lands Publishing (aka Mark Lawford and Ben MacFarland, two of the line’s stalwarts). These guys work hard and have improved the quality and format over time, building on the legacy Alex White created. I have contributed several articles to date and note they have a generous publishing agreement – after 9 months, the rights revert to the author and any works can be published elsewhere (this allows use in official Atlas Games supplements or posting online).
  • Timothy Ferguson‘s first Ars Magica blog “Bills of Lading” (Mythic Storytelling) can be found here – its no longer updated sadly, but Timothy’s new blog “Games from Folktales” is even better!
  • The Light of Andorra Saga on the Atlas Games Forums, moderated and run by consumate Storyguide, Atlas Forum Incendiary and long-time virtual correspondent of mine, Mark “Marko Markoko” Faulkner. A wiki created by one of the players detailing the covenant and some background information can be found here.
  • Jerome Darmont’s website might have been originally only in French but it also has an english language version. Many of the links are to French only sites but thanks to the magic of Google Chrome’s Translate feature, the creative output of the French Ars community is now much more readily accessible than ever before.

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