This page of a collection of all the flotsam and detritus that I’ve collected over the years that hasn’t been published officially or was left over from various writing projects and supplements and is unlikely to make it into the official line.

Current Projects

At this stage there are several projects, each leading to their own dedicated page.

I’ll add additional miscellaneous projects to this list as the blog grows and develops.

Older Projects

Terrae Magi

I’ve always been a fan of slightly offbeat magus concepts and the short paragraph on the Terrae magi cult that maintained the Terram magics of Guernicus the Founder within the Quaesitor dominated house intrigued me. I contacted David Woods, the chapter’s author and ex-Berklist alumni, sought his blessing and garnered a few leftover concepts from him which I worked up into this series of related articles which found a comfortable home at Niall Christie’s Sanctum Hermeticum website – IIRC Hermes Portal had closed its doors and Sub Rosa was yet to flower.

If I had my time again, with all that I’ve learnt over the last five years writing, I’d construct the cult slightly differently… but see here for the details on my first take on these oft neglected subset of House Guernicus magi. I plan to revise these ideas significantly at some point when I relook at Petra as a part of the Mythic Levant but they stand for now.

Mundane Beasts of Burden

This 2007 article was also posted originally on Niall Christie’s Sanctum Hermeticum website, then moved to its subsequent “Revisited” reincarnation here.

The animals are based on those from ArM4 Medieval Bestiary: Revised Edition but I used the rules from the Bjornaer chapter of Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults and the examples from the Book of Mundane Beasts PDF to generate a collection of animals that could be used as mounts or draft animals.

I always thought the line needed more mundane animals for shapeshifters, companion and grog characters wanting to use mounts and to round out the options available for stories. Designing these taught me a lot about how the mundane animal rules work which was invaluable for later products.

Elephants finally entered into official ArM5 canon in The Cradle and the Crescent, as promised. My crowning achievement was to have the damage a elephant inflicts when dropped form a height recorded in official canon (see page 173, last paragraph) – something I thought I’d never get past the Line Editor! Now Rego Animal specialists everywhere can rejoice and engage in pachydermal “Death From Above” battles with abandon…

More seriously, I’ve managed to rework an incorporate most of these ideas into official products or other articles over time – everything except the ox variants (there was no room for the yak sadly in the Silk Road and Beyond chapter).

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