A Flambeau Sahir? Never!

Al-Lahab al-Jadid Haroun ibn Ayyub al-Sebti (aka “Haroun al-Sebti”) is an ambitious Hermetic Sahir with a difference – he wishes to force his way into another Hermetic house, proving that his Andalusian tradition is worthy of being counted amongst the heirs of his hero, Flambeau. An expatriate Arab from Ceuta on the North African coast, al-Sebti has obsessed with the life of the Founder he seeks to emulate. Due to his goal, he is surprisingly opposed not only by the French and Castilian Christian magi, but even more vehemently by his Muslim coreligionists within House Flambeau, the Banu’l Mash’al – an esoteric lineage of Muslim magi descended from a Berber companion of Flambeau related to the line of archmagus Phillipus Niger of Durenmar (see article here). Incensed at the thought of a descendant of their traditional enemies corrupting their noble tradition from within, they carry out a blood feud with Haroun and his amici that skirts dangerously close to breaking even the notably flexible Peripheral Code of Iberia.

The sahir has proved himself adept at both Ignem and Perdo based certamen when challenged at the last two Tournaments and appears to have an inherent immunity to fire that has stood him in good stead amongst the more traditionalist opponents of his campaign. Although he can fight using the fiery School of the Founder, he has recently displayed increasing preference for the School of Boreas combat style. By rounding out his abilities more than an average member of the house, Haroun has begun styling himself Al Lahab al-Jadid (Arabic: “The New Torch”) in imitation of his hero, has already fended off two Wizard’s War declared against him by younger magi unaware of his flexibility. It has become apparent that he is well versed in Vim and uses jinn allies aligned to the other elemental Arts to effectively complement his limited Hermetic specialty.

In order to gain admission into the societas, Haroun requires a sponsor from within the house that will set him an “adult” Gauntlet, and preferably one with sufficient political and martial standing to weather the fiery hurricane of emotions this may stir up – only with an archmagus ally has he any hope of success. Potential candidates include: Archmage Pietro of the Greater Alps, a former Tytalus magus who was similarly accepted by acclamation and his exceptional deeds; Archmage Antonio of Andorra, a Flambeau magi’s idea of a real Flambeau archmagus but suprisingly open views on the sahir of Andalusia and the current milites Primus Garus, who may be impressed by the young sahir’s qualities despite the potential repercussions his sponsorship would bring to an already fractious house.

I haven’t formally statted out Haroun al-Sebti but his core Virtues and Flaws would include: Affinity with Penetration, Greater Immunity: Fire, Puissant Bargain, Puissant Perdo, Puissant Ignem, Second Sight, Spell Binding; Deficient Intellego, Feud (House Flambeau), Incomprehensible, Judged Unfairly (Muslim), Obsession (Flambeau the Founder), and Vernacular Magic. His Personality Traits include Haughty +3, Bold +1, Hospitable and his Reputations: Hedge Wizard 3, Upstart 2.

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