al-Kindi (Alkindus)

An Arab polymath considered one of the greatest of the Islamic philosophers and a founding member of the House of Wisdom. Known to the Latin world as Alkindus, he wrote over 200 books on various subjects, ranging across philosopher, chemistry, geometry, music, medicine and other fields. A large number of his works were translated into Latin in the mid 12th century by Gerard of Cremona but with a subsequent mild reduction in quality (-1 to Source Quality, see above for further details).

A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages. An Arabic tractatus on Intrigue (cryptography), Quality 10.

De Gradibus. A Summae, Level 4 on Medicine, Quality 10 strongly influenced by the works of Galen but incorporating ideas from contemporary Arab physicians.

Treatise on Diseases Caused by Phlegm, an Arabic tractatus on Medicine (Phelghmatic disease), Quality 10.

Aqrabadhin (Medical Formulary), equivalent to an Arabic Summae on Mythic Herbalism, Level 3, Quality 10 combined with tractati on Medicine and Profession: Apothecary, each Quality 10. It contains numerous recipes for theriacs, as detailed in Art & Academe, pages @@.

Kitab Kimiya’ al-‘Itr (Book of the Chemistry of Perfume), an Arabic tractatus on Philosophiae (perfumes), Quality 10 that contains numerous recipes for alchemical reagents that can be used as perfumes or scents (see Art & Academe, pages @@).

Kitab al-Shu’a’at (Book of the Rays), an Arabic tractatus on optics. Philosophiae (natural philosophy), Quality 10.

“Treatise on the Efficient Cause of the Flow and Ebb”. An Arabic tractatus on Philosophae (natural philosophy), Quality 10 that deals with meteorology – the tides and temperature.

“First Philosophy”, an Arabic tractatus on Philosophiae (metaphysics), Quality 10.

“On Sleep and Dreams”. An Arabic tractatus on the Holy Method Dream Interpretation and the Holy Power Transcendence, each Quality 10.

As the first great music theorist in the Islamic world, Al-Kindi coined the Arabic term musiqia and reputedly wrote 15 treatises on music theory. Only less than a dozen survive in Mythic Europe — each is an Arabic tractatus on Artes Liberales (music), Quality 10.

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