The Banu’l-Mash’al, Islamic heirs of Flambeau

This esoteric lineage claims descent from one of Flambeau’s earliest followers, the Mercurian wizard Cassius Niger. Cassius was a noble from mixed Berber and muwalladin stock – a Visigothic convert to Islam during the invasion of the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century. Perhaps only a convert of convenience, the Mercurian Cassius is named as one of the “seven champions of Flambeau” in the Iberian Apocrypha of House Flambeau. The Founder’s feud was with the Arabian sahir and not Muslim magi in general, as is commonly assumed by the wider Order. Wizards who came later to Islam  were often oppressed by the Arabian sorcerers and treated as inferior because of their race, despite their faith’s teaching of equality. The descendants of Cassius, styling themselves the Banu’l-Mash’al (Arabic: “sons of the torch”) or more commonly to non-Arabic speakers, these Banu Mazal (to use the bastardized pronounciation), are proud of their origins and purpose. They remain strong in their adopted faith, despite existing within a predominantly Christian Order and society. Traditionally, ever since the Schism War, the bodyguard of the Praeco of the Iberian Tribunal is formed from a trio of Banu Mazal magi. This has caused some conflict with more liberal minded magi who see their persistent grudge as divisive.

Their bitter belief that the Hermetic Sahir betrayed Flambeau the Founder and his lieutenant, Cassius, define their ethos. They pass up no opportunity to discredit the descendants of the Iberian sahir. Proficient in Vim as a rule, each is trained in their ancestor’s style of combat. They are capable at neutralising jinn with Perdo Vim magic and even Apotropaic spells, so as to better frustrate their chosen foils. Many develop exceptional skill in the Penetration Ability and have contributed greatly to this field of study that was pioneered by Elaine, Flambeau’s second apprentice. Most develop specialty in one or two elemental Forms to defend against the strengths of their jinn-allied opponents.

Key Facts

Favoured Tribunals: Iberia, although some dwell in southern areas of the Provencal and Roman Tribunals.

Favoured Houses: predominantly Flambeau, but occasionally members of House Guernicus and Tytalus

Free Virtue: as per normal House Virtue. Most Flambeau members employ the School of Apromor (Puissant Perdo) although some concentrate on Minor Schools that utilise proficiency in elemental forms other than Ignem.

Required Virtues: Mythic Blood, Minor Magical Focus (jinn, with Mythic Blood), Puissant Vim, Exotic Casting (Houses of Hermes: Societates, page 107)

Required Flaws: Beloved Rival (a single Hermetic sahir), Driven (To discredit Hermetic Sahir, with Mythic Blood), Legacy, Mudejar, Proud

Required Spell: Reveal the Lurking Watchers (Houses of Hermes: Societates, pages 99-100), Suleiman’s Wrath on the Oath-Forsaken Jinn (Houses of Hermes: Societates, pages 137). The latter spell is often mastered to allow multi-casting and increased Penetration or created in different versions aligned to the Magic, Faerie or Infernal Realms.

Mythic Blood Power: Bismi Allah Invocation, words & gestures only, Pe(Re)Vi 30; R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Special; this non-Hermetic power weakens jinn with a Might score aligned to either the Faerie, Infernal or Magic Realms within Voice range of the magus. If the power penetrates the jinni’s Magic Resistance, the Jinn loses 1 Might point and cries out in alarm revealing their presence. Only jinn (including Infernal jinn) are harmed, although they need not be sensed by the magus to be affected. Most jinn also suffer from the effects of the Vulnerable to Folk Tradition Flaw (Houses of Hermes: Societates, page 107) upon hearing this invocation  (see Sub Rosa #2: “Jinn as Characters”, pages 6-11 for more details). Other creatures with a Might score are unaffected. (Base non-Hermetic effect 1, +2 Voice, +2 Special Target: Jinn (equivalent to Group/Room), Penetration 15, +1 Rego requisite, +1 complex effect).

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