ArM5 Mythos

This page is currently merely a placeholder for an index of relevant articles and resources about introducing Lovecraftian / Cthulu Mythos elements into Ars Magica Fifth Edition Sagas. The majority of material here currently relates to the Deep Ones rather than the wider concepts of the Mythos elements.

Mythos Articles for ArM5

Inspiration, Sources and Further Reading

Musings and Blog Posts

Atlas Forum Threads

Selected Bibliography

The primary source for the Deep Ones is necessarily the original H.P. Lovecraft novella, The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Disturbingly necessary but by no means sufficiently horrific in content… potentially invaluable extension concepts can be found in the following works:

  • The Innsmouth Cycle and Tales Out of Innsmouth, published by Call of Cthulu Press.
  • Shadows Over Innsmouth and Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth, two further anthologies of short stories collected and edited by Stephen Jones. A third and probably final volume, Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth, has just been released (late 2013 in hardback) and contains further useful material.
  • Historical Lovecraft, a collection of Mythos tales ranging from ancient / Biblical times through the classical period, the medieval period and up to the present day.

Various images of Deep Ones can be readily found here.

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