Astrology in Mythic Europe

I’ve always been fascinated with medieval concepts of astrology, which was very much in vogue in the 13th century.  The headline image I use for this blog is actually a miniature astrolabe on a chain. Some medieval scholars of the era named their children “Astrolabe” in recognition of the extraordinary influence this example of technology had on their lives (see the story of Peter Abélard and Héloïse for an example).

The following pages contain astrological material for use in ArM5 Sagas.

Dar al-Nujum Covenant

The “House of Stars” was my first attempt at designing a covenant, a research covenant designed around the concept of a specialised lab containing a giant orrery. I looked up all sorts of medieval astronomical instruments and ancient astrologers/astronomers for the piece which was a lot of fun!

Astrolabes and Other Astronomical Devices

I’ve become increasingly fascinated by astronomical devices, particularly the various later derivatives of the Astrolabe.  Much of the material herein is drawn from James Morrison’s book, The Astrolabe, published by Janus Press.


These tables of astronomical data were once valuable resources in the Mythic Middle East.


This material was officially published in Between Sand and Sea, pages 110-112.


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