Hedge Magic

ArM4 Hedge Magic

I’ve always been interested in hedge wizards in Ars Magica, ever since the original ArM4 Hedge Magic supplement by John Link and Aaron Snead introduced Ascetics, Cunning Folk, Natural Magicians and Spirit Masters but also the concept of the  gruagach from ArM3 Lion of the North.

Unsurprisingly, one of my favourite ArM5 supplements has to be Hedge Magic: Revised Edition – I particularly like Timothy Ferguson’s Nightwalkers but the ArM5 incarnations of cunning folk and natural magicians / alchemists as variants of John Post’s Learned Magicians.

ArM5 Hedge Magic: Revised Edition

Here are the links to the various posts, pages and articles on hedge magic presented on this site:

  • ‘Arraf (Levantine Cunning-Folk variant

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