Languages of the Tyrrhenian Sea

The following languages are spoken by characters who live around the Tyrrhenian Sea:

Lingua Franca (Western)
(Ligurian, Tuscan, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Corsican)
French (Norman)
Arabic (Andalusi, Maghrebi, Siculo)

The majority of merchants, sailors and other regular travelers in the area converse using the western dialect of Lingua Franca, although most use their native tongues aboard their own ships or in their own communities. Of the Italian dialects, Tuscan is the most common due to the greater influence of Pisa in the area. The Ligurian dialect spoken by the Genoese by contrast is rarely used except within the main commune or its holdings.

The western Arabic dialects can be overheard in the western parts of Sicily and the Muslim held North African ports. Amongst the Europeans, only scholars at the court of Frederick II bother to learn it to any great fluency in order to study from medical or scientific treatises.

Sardinian is very distinct from the mainland Italian dialects, being a separate derivative of Vulgate Latin. Latin speakers with as score of 5 can speak to a person who knows Sardinian as if they had a score of 2 in that language and vice versa. It is spoken only by native Sards, although most Sards also speak either the Tuscan dialect (central and southern regions) or Corsican dialect (Gallura and the northernmost regions) of Italian due to the strong Pisan influence.

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