Aging and Warping for Redcaps

Although mundanes, Redcaps have access to a Longevity Ritual once they begin making Aging rolls unless they only have the Lone Redcap Minor Virtue. The basic Longevity Ritual created for a Redcap has a Lab Total of 50, which translates into a decreased benefit of -5 to the characters Aging Score as the Redcap is a mundane and not a magus.
Rules for Aging are given in Grogs, Chapter 5 but use the expanded Aging Chart presented in Sub Rosa #11 to reflect the effects of a Longevity Ritual. Apparent Age increases by (10 – Aging Score) years each decade with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 10 years, meaning that unless they are rewarded with a stronger Longevity Ritual in return for exceptional service, most Redcaps age 5 years for every decade of life.

Unlike their Gifted cousins Redcaps do not gain Warping from magical botches and do not experience Twilight. However, once they begin to use a Longevity Ritual they gain 1 warping Point per year for being under the influence of a constant mystical effect. Thus every three year package grant 3 Warping points and every five year package adds 5 Warping points.


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