Designing Transylvanian Redcaps

As detailed in Against the Dark, page 73-78, the Transylvanian Tribunal uses a different definition of the term Redcap – a definition not officially approved by the senior Roman hierarchy of House Mercere. These “unofficial” Redcaps can be created as companions using the equivalent of the Lone Redcap Virtue but must take the new False Redcap Minor Flaw detailed below. Alternatively a grog belonging to one of the extended Redcap families of Transylvania can be created by just purchasing the False Redcap Flaw. Retired Transylvanian Redcaps can be created similarly by purchasing the appropriate Virtue and the False Redcap Flaw.

False Redcap

Minor General or Story Flaw

This character is a member of a Redcap “family” and treated and respected as a Redcap within the Tremere dominated Transylvanian Tribunal, but is not accepted as a full member of the House by the Primus of Mercere. The rest of the House dominated by the Roman contingent and policies of Harco do not consider the character a “true Redcap” as they limit the use of the title to only sanctioned Redcaps. This creates a poor reputation (Illegitimate) within the non-Transylvanian members of the House at level 3, making advancement in the hierarchy outside of Transylvania difficult.

Some individuals eventually manage to impress the wider House sufficiently to lose this Flaw and be considered “true Redcaps”. Hermetic magi cannot take this Flaw. The Illegitimate Lineage Flaw is an appropriate alternative. 

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