Retirement and Expulsion

Whether due to age, infirmity, Warping or choice, some Redcaps become unable to deliver messages for the Order and retire from active service. According to Andrew Smith’s Ultimate Aging and Warping Simulation (see xxx), the median age for mundanes living under reasonable living conditions is around 60 years, but the use of a Level 50 Longevity Ritual may push this out to 80-90 years for Redcaps. Their “active” lifespan where they are capable of carrying out the physical duties of a messenger is likely to be shorter however.

Many older Redcaps still serve the House in other less physical ways ways: training young Redcaps, running inns, hospices and other establishments that serve as Mercer Houses, or applying their skills to the overall administration of the messenger service.

See the Retired Redcap Minor Virtue below for further details.


Particularly wayward, significantly dangerous or just repeatedly troublesome Redcaps may rarely be cast out of the House to protect its reputation as reliable messengers. This is usually only after repeated attempts by the Tribunal’s senior Redcap to rehabilitate the wayward rogue and follows a stern warning from the Primus of House Mercere to the offender to repent or be declared orbus.

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