Streamlined Design: Redcap Training Templates

The following templates of packages cover some of the basic Redcap archetypes as detailed in Houses of Hermes: Societates, Chapter 3: House Mercere and allow rapid creation of a 23 year old Redcap companion fresh out of their Gauntlet – examples of each will be presented in the Appendix following to allow rapid Redcap creation. More advanced characters can be created by choosing additional Training Packages and accounting for Aging and Warping as detailed above.

All these templates assume a free choice of Childhood, a three year Redcap Grounding Virtue prior to beginning apprenticeship, 50 XP spent on one of the modified packages suitable for the Well-Traveled Virtue and then use of Option 5 noted above (5 three year packages and a single 5 year package in their area of specialty). The Well-Traveled modified Training Package is given first (see above), followed by the five year package (denoted with an asterisk), and then the remaining 5 three year packages.

The Alpine template is an example Tribunal specific template appropriate for Redcaps trained in the Greater Alps Tribunal. Bloodcap, Goliard and Milvus are templates suitable for members of the respective Societates Merceris detailed in Houses of Hermes: Societates, Chapter 3: Mercere. Bloodcaps are usually custodian style Redcaps but fulfill slightly different roles to their mundane brethren. The Goliard template above is suited for Infernalist unGifted Mercere – uncorrupted members of the Ordo Vagorum may be better represented by either the Minstrel or Vagabond template. The Milvus template is designed to account for their skills as archivists and their reliance on traveling in animal shape using magic.

Alpine: Traveler; Linguist*; Archer or Scout, Athlete, Forager, Messenger, Rider.
Banker: Haggler; Trader*; Loremaster, Scribe (twice), Trader (twice),
Bloodcap: Traveler, Sentry*; Brawler, Pikeman (twice), Scout (twice).
Custodian: Traveler, Sentry*; Brawler, Leader, Scout, Sentry, Woodsman.
Enforcer: Traveler, Soldier*; Archer or Pikeman, Athlete, Brawler (twice), Soldier
Goliard: Wastrel, Gossip*; Conman or Cultist, Harlot, Hedge Wizard or Specialist, Minstrel, Storyteller
Herald: Traveler, Messenger*; Athlete, Forager or Woodsman, Messenger, Rider or Animal Trainer, Tinker.
Merchant: Traveler, Haggler*; Courtier or Conman, Rider, Sentry or Scribe, Trader (twice).
Mercenary: Traveler, Soldier*; Archer or Sentry, Brawler, Forager, Leader, Soldier
Milvus: Linguist, Messenger*; Brawler, Forager, Traveler, Messenger, Scribe.
Minstrel: Traveler, Minstrel*; Gossip, Hedge Wizard or Specialist, Linguist, Storyteller, Wastrel
Spy: Conman, Harlot*; Brawler, Courtier, Footpad, Linguist, Specialist
Vagabond: Tourist, Wastrel*; Conman or Footpad, Harlot, Linguist, Tinker, Sailor or Tumbler

Templates for Retired Redcaps

The following 9-year templates are suitable for a retired Redcap (see below).

The first template suits a character that has retired to help run the administration of Harco or one of the other major covenants. The Innkeeper template is useful for a character that has elected to remain in service by running either a wayside inn or traveler’s hospice, which may or may not also serve as the Tribunal’s main Mercer House. The midwife template reflects training for a character skilled in helping female Redcaps and the families of male Redcaps produce healthy future recruits for the House. The final template is used for Redcaps involved in training younger members of the House.
Archivist: Hermetic Politician, Loremaster, Scribe

Innkeeper: Local, Trader, Storyteller
Midwife: Apothecary, Cutter, Herbwife
Trainer: Linguist or Loremaster, Teacher x2


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