Adapting “The Ship of Desire”

The Tales of Mythic Europe adventure “The Ship of Desire”, written by Matt Ryan is nominally set on a ship crossing the English Channel but may be readily adapted to take place within the territory of Genoa, using some of the recommendations on ToME, page 38 and the various suggestions below:

Instead of leaving from Dover, the ship may instead depart from Barcelona, Arles or Marseilles, passing via Genoa on its way to Sardinia to drop off Piccardo and his charge before eventually disembarking in Naples. The characters may be simple travellers on their way to Genoa (see the Reasons to Travel to Genoa above) or alternatively departing from the republic bound for Naples, Sicily or the Levant.

The ship used in the adventure, the “La Blanche Main” is easily replaced with a ship of similar size and crew, the equivalent named “Mano Bianco”, notably a nef rather than the more common Genoese galley. Captain Folpert can be readily represented by a typical Genoese captain using the statistics presented on this blog, the disguised Faerie Cupid remains the same, and the other sailors need little modification apart from changing their Language and (Area) Lore Abilities to Italian (Genoese) and Ligurian Sea Lore. Other minor characters such as Piccardo and Argosus, the troubadours Elena and Carelia and the Piedmontese knight Arsizio may be used without changes as they fit easily into the area.

Only the character and background of Pandulph, the Papal Legate, needs extensive revision – his part may be substituted with Cardinal Oberto, a Milanese bishop of similar temperament carrying documents relating to the Cathar heresy and implicating one of the covenants of the Provencal Tribunal. Alternatively, the legate may be replaced by an Augustan Wizard posing as a mundane scholar returning home to Naples via Genoa, in which case his bodyguard may be Sicilian in origin. An even more exotic traveler could be the wandering Moorish emir, Mansur ibn Fadl al Baghdadi detailed as a sample character on the Atlas Games website.

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