Practicos (Sardinian Folk Witch)

The local Sardinian equivalent of the northern Folk Witch presented in Hedge Magic: Revised Edition, the practicos (literally “those who are practical”) are wise women found mainly in the hinterland villages, although some urban practicos and male practitioners have been encountered.

Predominantly unGifted individuals of peasant background, Mythic Companion level individuals are very rare. These more integrated hedge practitioners generally eschew the more supernatural abilities of Cursing, Flight and Shapeshifting known to their more magical counterparts in other lands. Although a practicos may not have a familiar or brew a Longevity Potion, they are all expert herbalists and possess the Mythic Herbalism and Root Cutter Virtues known to the Pharmacopeians (see Houses of Hermes: Societates, pages 123-126). Due to their usually highly developed score in Magic Lore, a given practicos knows how to enrich most Herbs and Objects of Virtue found in their region (see Realms of Power: Magic, pages 124-127). Unlike folk witches, they do not undergo the Witch’s Moon, but instead suffer Warping the same as regular mundanes, often accumulating Flaws that reflect physical infirmity and disability.

In contrast to similar wise women elsewhere in Mythic Europe, a practicos is generally left unmolested by the local church authorities, being both highly respected by the locals and often regarded well by the native clergy for their simple piety.

At least one Roman maga Ex Miscellanea claims descent from the practicos tradition.

Favored Abilities: Animal Ken, Dowsing, Folk Magic (Abjuration), Folk Magic (Divination), Healing, Mythic Herbalism, Second Sight.
Common Virtues: Affinity with (Mythic) Herbalism, Animal Healer, Herbalism, Puissant (Mythic) Herbalism, Root-Cutter, Student of Realm, Wise One.
Common Flaws: Noncombatant, Pious.

Note: the Folk Magic Virtue was first presented in The Sundered Eagle, page 123 and reflects a collection of several weaker magical peasant practices.

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