The Line of Petrobolus

Petrobolos was one of Guernicus’ later apprentices who charged himself to preserve his pater’s legacy by establishing the cult dedicated to the teaching of Terrae-magic with his younger “brother” Adamantius that became known as the Scholae Petrae. His penchant was for throwing large volumes of stone at his opponents with unerring accuracy, an ability that earned him great respect as one of the first hoplites recruited to uphold the Peripheral Code established by the Quaesitores.

Magi of the line of Petrobolos are conservative, ascetic and stubborn. They are anachronistic in their traditions – Petrobolos was the son of a Greek general from the lands of the Theban Tribunal with secret Hellenist sympathies, and his descendents steadfastly continue the Theban custom of taking Greek rather than Latin Hermetic names and writing their Lab Texts in Greek instead of Latin, even in the more Roman-dominated Tribunals. Unlike most other Guernicus magi, these magi often exhibit an aptitude with Mercurian rituals and enchantments.

At least one magus from each Hermetic generation of this lineage serves as a hoplite and is accorded great respect from his “extended family”, reflected in the magus in question taking the Minor Hermetic Virtue Hermetic Prestige.

There have been several famous Quaesitores from this line as well; Petros Diermeneutes, the second apprentice of Petrobolos, was a highly skilled Hermetic investigator. He is regarded as the creator of the spells Stone Tell of the Mind that Sits, Dream of the Mind that Sits and Dream of the Artifice, which he used to help uncover the truth of alleged breaches of the Peripheral Code during his term as a Quaesitor (see HoH: TL, page 74 for details of these latter two Guernican spells).

All magi of this lineage are initiated into Mountain Lore, the Outer Mystery of the Scholae Terrae, and may join this Esoteric Mystery Cult if they wish. The leader of the cult has to date always been a Guernicus magus descended from Petrobolos’s apprentices. This is a source of great friction between the Petroboline magi and their “cousins”, the descendants of Adamantius, and commonly two magi, one from each lineage and of the same generation, will develop an intense rivalry with each other to the point of even protecting each other from other threats so as to continue their personal conflict unhindered.

Up until recently a Petroboline magus was always appointed to guard the cult’s main sanctuary at Urbs Rubra in the rose-red rock city of Petra, but since the Redcaps lost contact with the two remaining elder Criamon dwelling there the site has been closed to House Guernicus. The fate of the latest magus sent to re-establish contact with the covenant, the experienced Petroboline hoplite-Quaesitor Petromantos, remains unknown.

Notable Magi of the Line of Petrobolos

  • Petrobolos: Founder of the line, second youngest apprentice of Guernicus and one of the original hoplites, who founded the Scholae Petrae with his younger brother Adamantius
  • Petrogenes: His eldest apprentice, a master vallationist and architect, skilled at Creo magic and noted for his habit of effortlessly creating a gravel path before him as he walked by using the signature spell that earned him his Archmage status
  • Petros Diermeneutes: Petrobolos’ second apprentice, a famed Quaesitor and magister of Intellego magics, inventor of several well-known inquisitional magics
  • Petrographos: Petrobolos’ third apprentice, a Muto specialist and uniquely a true elementalist, founding member of Urs Rubra and original hierarch of the Inner Mysteries of the Scholae Petrae
  • Petrinos Skorpizo: The black sheep of the family, Petrobolos’ fourth apprentice, a Perdo-specialist hoplite who “defected” to House Flambeau to serve one of the Hermetic apprentices of Apromor
  • Petropomps: Petrobolos’ youngest apprentice, a Rego specialist and hoplite, upstart second leader of the Scholae Petrae and a chip off the old block of his parens

Playing a Magus of the Line of Petrobolos

  • Starting Abilities: Spell Mastery scores of at least 3 in any two Terram spells, one of which must be Wield the Invisible Sling or a variant thereof
  • Free Virtue: Puissant Terram
  • Required Virtues and Flaws: Mastered Spells or Flawless Magic, Nature Lore (Mountain), Mythic Blood: Petrobolos or Minor Magical Focus (manipulating stone in a way associated with a single Hermetic Technique); Close Family Ties, Deficient Form (any one of the following: Animal, Corpus, Herbam, Imaginem, Mentem), Legacy (Petrobolos)
  • Common Virtues and Flaws: Flawless Magic, Heroes’ Birthright, Mastered Spells, Mercurian Magic, Strong Willed, Tough, Unaging; Deficient Form (as above), Difficult Spontaneous Magic, Driven, No Sense of Direction, Simple Minded, Study Requirement, Unimaginative Learner, Weak Spontaneous Magic
  • Additional possible Virtue/Flaw combination: Beloved Enemy: mixture of True Friend (Minor) and Enemies

Guernicus magi or Flambeau magi of this lineage must take Puissant Terram instead of Hermetic Prestige or Puissant Ignem respectively. Flambeau magi who claim descent from the fourth apprentice, Petrinos Skorpizo, who defected to House Flambeau, are regarded with some derision due to their ancestor’s betrayal of his family. These magi possess the equivalent of the Minor Hermetic Flaw Illegitimate Lineage (see HoH: TL, page 109), regarded as applying to members of House Guernicus rather than Redcaps or Mercere magi.

See HoH: MC, pages 103-104, for details of Nature Lore. Until recently, young Petroboline magi were initiated into their Nature Lore at the Covenant of Urbs Rubra in the ruined city of Petra.

The Minor Magical Focus of a Petroboline magus (whether as a single Minor Virtue or as part of Mythic Blood) is usually with manipulating stone in a way associated with a single Hermetic Technique, and the objective of the Minor Personality Flaw Driven is almost always to promote Terram magic in the Order. The granted power is always a derivative of Wield the Invisible Sling, although the magus can choose the exact words and gestures used, the spell parameters, and the Penetration details.

Petroboline magi have a Reputation as Earth Wizards 4 within House Guernicus and can choose Heroic Virtues and Flaws if desired (see HoH: TL, page 109, for details).

If Mythic Blood: Petrobolos is not chosen, the magical power granted by Heroes’ Birthright (see HoH: TL, page 105-106) is effectively akin to Wield the Invisible Sling, although the magus can similarly choose the exact casting and Penetration details.

Similar to the case for Adamantine magi, the subject of both the Virtue and Flaw in the case of a Petroboline magus using the “Beloved Enemy” option is a single magus of the Adamantine lineage from the same generation, who may even be another player character, at the Storyguide’s discretion.


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