The Mythic Levant

Artistic rendering of the Bismallah invocation (from Wikipedia Commons)

This is the page where I store all my ideas about the Levant for use with ArM5 sagas, both older 4th edition material and the newer material based on the changes introduced in The Cradle and the Crescent.

Blood & Sand – Redux

This has links to my conversion notes for Niall Christie’s ArM4 Blood And Sand supplement. I owe this to Niall for all his inspiration and help. I’ve included his Variant 5th Edition Sahir article and my Levantine Sahir notes in this section.

Andalusian Magi

This series of articles is intended to support play of non-Christian magi in the Iberian Tribunal but some of the elements may be applicable to a Saga set in the Levant.

Additional Applicable Material

Many of the ideas and concepts presented on this site in other sections related to The Cradle and the Crescent are also applicable to the Mythic Levant:

ArM4 Levantine Material (Niall Christie)

Coming soon!


  • (Saudi) Aramco World,  a bimonthly magazine has a lot of interesting material on the Middle East that can be used for Story Seeds and Saga ideas. Anything by Paul Lunde is usually worth a look and the PDF Archive is accessible for for older articles without subscription.


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