Blood and Sand – Redux

Return to the Levant!_First page ArM4 Blood_and_Sand PDF (annotated)

Ahlan bi-‘awdatak!  

Welcome back to the Levant!

This page will contain various notes on how to use the ArM4 supplement Blood & Sand in an ArM5 Saga. With the advent of The Cradle & The Crescent much of the older book has been superceded. It’s worth noting that although it was published 10 years ago now, it’s still a great supplement in its own right. It has some inspiring artwork and numerous excellent ideas from a single author that can be readily adapted for use with ArM5 using the notes below.

A PDF of the supplement for $12 US is readily available for purchase and download from the e23 store. I’d suggest if you liked tCatC and have the funds available, pop over there and pickup a copy to follow the discussion across the next few pages starting below!

The image to the upper right is from my notes on adapting the material herein to ArM5 and roughly indicates which sections remain useful, those parts that have been made redundant by The Cradle and the Crescent, and the concepts that need conversion. The discussion on the linked pages mainly deals with the canonical changes to the Levant due to the shift in edition, but the various links within the text will provide access to additional material I have developed to supplement the basic conversion detailed.

Some commentary on the compatibility issues can be found here over on the Project Redcap: Crossroads of the Order Wiki maintained by Andrew Gronosky.

Blood & Sand ArM5 Conversion

Available Supplements

Two free web supplements are also available for this book:

The first is an official PDF known as Secrets in the Sand consisting of additional ideas on the Muslim Hermetic Tradition and some sample characters cut from the final draft.

The second unofficial resource known as Vestiges in Sand collects some of the more paradigm stretching material that was not able to be included in the original ArM4 Blood & Sand supplement. Niall has kindly allowed me to host the material here. It can still be found on Niall’s own (dormant) website, Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited. 


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