The Cradle and the Crescent

As I was an author on this book, it may seem a little odd to write a “review”. This will be where my comments on the chapters I didn’t directly contribute to will be located.

Due to time constraints, I don’t often get to read  the contributions of other authors as much as I would like until the book actually comes out, so they can be as new to me as anyone. Although this is not strictly true of TCatC, as I wrote the Overview chapter and had to keep abreast of the other authors, I still found things on reading the final book that were of interest or I’d like to comment on when I get a chance.

Note: a resource I found helpful for this book and related material (Lebant, North Africa, East Africa) is the bimonthly publication (Saudi) Aramco World, particularly the seriee of articles by Paul Lunde.

4 thoughts on “The Cradle and the Crescent”

  1. Any thought on indefinite durations of service for bargaining with Jinn?

    The book implies they are possible but doesn’t say how hard they are to do.

    1. Hmm I’d have to dig out my notes on that to be honest – from memory it was meant to be a Breakthrough / Mystery or only accessible to Divine or Infernal sahir using Goetia…

      1. Thanks for the note, that makes a lot of sense! That way the history as written is still possible somehow (enslaving Jinn) but difficult to achieve and therefore uncommon or rare.

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