Faerie Variant: The Left Hand of the Horseman

Although the City of Brass exists in the Magic Realm, at least one Faerie version of the city exists in the Muslim lands within Arcadia, corresponding to the tale of the original expedition of Emir Musa. Whether through accident or Storyguide design, the characters may find themselves exploring the “wrong” city, playing out the classic story of the abandoned city in Elysium or creating a new Arcadian story mirroring the adventure as written but with Faerie versions of the antagonists. Alternatively, by completing the story as written and returning with their tale, the characters will inadvertently create another Faerie version of the tale by drawing new Faeries to the vitality created. They may then stumble upon this new version if they attempt to return to the city or be drawn back into this tale to resolve a new crisis.

To reflect this Faerie option, the statue of the Brass Horseman in the mundane realm is a trod that marks a Threshold, a boundary between the mundane and Faerie Realm. A corresponding Faerie version of Dahish acts as its Threshold Guardian and travelers that choose to interact with the statue effectively chose the path that leads into Faerie. The exact mechanics of this may vary according to the needs and power of the characters but it is likely that the Faerie version of Dahish has the Spirit Away Power to help drawn the characters into the alternate story. Mechanics for this process are fully detailed in Realms of Power: Faerie, page 20–24 but are not necessary to run this version of the story.

Access to the different adventure paths may be gained by touching the different hands of the statue. Rubbing the right hand of the statue reveals the road that leads to the Magic version of Dahish and the entrance to the Magic Realm. Rubbing the left hand of the statue, the one holding the spear, however attracts the attention of one of the Faerie Dahish and draws the characters onto either the Path of Chance or the Road of Destiny depending on whether the Storyguide wishes to run a new story set in Arcadia or recreate the tale of Musa’s expedition in Elysium. Exactly which hand is holding the spear may vary each time the characters encounter the statue – the sources neglect to mention which hand the Emir Musa rubbed in order to continue his adventure, so perhaps he never reached the true City of Brass at all.


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