Desert Foxes

The fox (tha’lab) is a symbol of guile and cunning in both Mythic Europe and the Mythic Middle East, featuring prominently in folklore. The tales of Reynard the Fox fooling the kingly lion, the foolish sheep or the greedy wolf are particularly common in France, but local variations are heard particularly throughout Christian dominated lands.

In Arabic speaking lands the fox presented in stories similar to those of Reynard the fox is referred to as either Abu Hassan or Abu Suleiman.

Fox (Vulpis)

Characteristics: Cun +1, Per 0, Pre -2, Com -5, Str -5, Sta -1, Dex +2, Qik +5
Size: -2
Confidence Score: 0
Virtues and Flaws: Perfect Balance; Nocturnal
Qualities: Ambush Predator, Crafty, Good Jumper, Keen Sense of Smell
Personality Traits: Sly +3
Reputations: Wily (local) 3
Dodge: Init +5, Attack na, Defense +8, Damage na
Bite: Init +5, Attack +9, Defense +10, Damage -4
Soak: -1
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-3), -3 (4-6), -5 (7-9), Incapacitated (10-12), Dead (13+)
Abilities: Athletics 4 (running), Awareness 3 (food), Brawl 3 (bite), Hunt 4 (prey), Stealth 4 (stalking prey), Survival 4 (desert)
Natural Weapons: Teeth: Init 0, Atk +3, Def +1, Dam +1.
Appearance: smaller than a wolf, the common (red) fox presented here is much slighter than its more fearsome cousin, with an elongated body, narrow head and short limbs. Red coloured fur predominates in Europe, but local variants with grey, amber or black fur are seen.

Tha’lab (Sand fox): the sandy colored variety of fox common to North Africa and the Mythic Middle East is much smaller than the European red fox, with a more muted pelt and disproportionately large ears. Change to Size -4 (decrease to Str -6 and increase to Qik +6, adjust combat statistics accordingly). Add the Hardy Quality (increase Survival to 5, add a Fatigue level) and change Keen Sense of Smell to Sharp Ears. 

Larger Arabian variants (Size -3) of the sand fox with more reddish coloration can be found only in ‘Uman in southern Arabia – their Wound Penalties are adjusted accordingly but their combat statistics are otherwise identical. The tiny (Size -5) creature weighing about 3 pounds known to the Bedouin as a fanak (Fennec) is found through a similar area.

More cunning mundane versions of foxes exist: add Crafty x2 (increase to Cun +3) and add Guile 3 (animals).

Magic aligned versions such as Vafer the Magical Fox and Felix the Lucky Fox were first presented in Tales of Mythic Europe, page 14 and Magi of Hermes, page 123 respectively. A Fox of Virtue is also presented in Realms of Power: Magic, page 67). Faerie and Infernal foxes have also been encountered by Hermetic magi and sahir.

All foxes are excellent jumpers and get a +3 to all rolls involving jumping.

Bjornaer magi with fox Heartbeasts are considered to have a choleric humor with a sanguine aspect.

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