The Jinn

I’m really proud of this chapter – it was my major contribution to the supplement and my entry into writing for the official line. This was badly over written originally, but thanks to my co-authors encouragement and David’s guidance it was hammered into a workable draft and then birthed into a final polished chapter.

There’s a lot I had to cut from this chapter, mainly because of word count ultimately.

Some of the cut material ended up being used in later supplements or as Sub Rosa contributions but there were some concepts that I just didn’t have the experience or time to develop fully. I was frustrated at the time, but I don’t regret this now. I hope I’ll be able to gradually develop them over time and link them here for the enjoyment of players.

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See also…

  • “The City of Brass” adventure in Tales of Power contains numerous example ‘afarit and jinn of various Might levels that can be used as templates for similar creatures
  • “Eustace the Monk”, an adventure also found in Tales of Power contains a multitude of sea-faring and sailor themed demons that could be readily adapted into jinn for use in Sinbad style stories or tales set upon the Erythraean Sea
  • My original article “Jinn as Characters” from Sub Rosa #2, now accessible online

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