‘Udhrut (the Jinni’s Bane)

The ‘udhrut is an apparition of a wolf that appears to frighten humans but otherwise seems to do no harm. Found only in Yemen, it is commonly believed to be a jinn, but is actually a type of Infernal Ghost (see Realms of Power: the Infernal, page 36). In fact ‘Adhrit (plural) are the apparitions of evil men that have been murdered – in ArM5 terms they are not true jinn or demons. They lack the Coagulation power or weaknesses, are not affected by the bismallah invocation like jinn and are not able to be controlled using Sihr. Other summoning magic or attempts at exorcism meet with only limited success due to their Recalcitrance power.

Spirit Wolf (Deviant Art, by Tilantti – used with permission)

Bjornaer magi with wolf Heartbeasts may be mistaken for ‘udhurut by Yemen natives and treated with a mixture of fear and respect by the local sahir, or considered a threat that must be dealt with.

‘Udhurut, the Ghost-Wolf of Yemen

Infernal Might: not more than 25
Abilities: varies depending on the capabilities of the murdered former wizard in life
Apparition, 1 point, Init 0, Imaginem: An ‘udhrut can assume an illusory form that only their chosen victims can perceive. To victims, the form appears to be real person in all respects.
Terror of the Wolf, 2 points, Init +1, Mentem: The victim of this Power suffers an overwhelming dread, and if he fails a Brave stress die roll against an Ease Factor of 7, he runs in fear until exhausted, or (if unable to run) collapses in a quivering heap until the sun rises. If the ‘udhrut uses this Power when it may be seen, then anyone who sees it (up to ten people) is affected; otherwise it can affect only one target.
Recalcitrance, 0 points, Init constant, Vim: Any attempt to exorcise the ‘udhrut with any form of Supernatural Power (magical, Divine, or otherwise) treats the ghost’s Might as if it were one-and-a-half times its actual Might, or otherwise has its Ease Factor increased by 50%. For example, a Circular Ward Against Demons of 22nd level is needed to stop a ‘udhrut with Might 15.
Weakness: varies, but unlike true jinn the bismallah invocation has no effect on an ‘udhurut.
Appearance: unlike the jinn, which never assume the form of a wolf, a ‘udhrut usually manifests in apparition form as a wolf, although it can appear as a cat, other animal, stone or even a human if desired.

The Penetration of the ghost’s Terror of the Wolf power varies depending on the individual ‘udhurut and stronger examples are able to terrorize sahir without sufficient magical protection or even medium ranked ‘afrit or lesser marid (Might Score 25 or less). Jinn with particular weaknesses to wolves (see above) are affected regardless of their Might score. As an Infernal form of apparitions (see Realms of Power: Magic, page 115-118) many ‘udhurut have additional Abilities and Powers depending on their former skills – ‘udhurut that were powerful sahir in life can make formidable opponents.

Story Seed: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad ‘Udhrut?

In the Yemeni city of Sana’a, the sahir of local the bayt al-hikma (the sahir equivalent to a Hermetic covenant) have a delicate problem – the unwanted attentions of an ‘udhurut are spooking their jinn servants and disrupting their studies by regularly manifesting within their library. Unfortunately, none of the sahir of the group have summoning abilities able to affect non-jinn and the group’s most powerful marid servant, Harun al-Makki, is deathly afraid of wolves and refuses to help despite the sahir’s pleading. As the haunting is confined to the bayt al-hikma, the local mundane authorities are unconcerned and the Zaydi imam, Muhammad al-Nasir (r. 1217–1226), is disinclined to intervene due to a previous altercation with the wizards.

The sahir may approach the player magi (or sahir) for help with exorcising their pest. Unfortunately there is more to the haunting than there first seems as the ‘udhurut is the spirit of an evil foreign wizard murdered in a fit of rage by the group’s leader in retaliation for betraying their trust and generous offer of sharing their extensive library. At the Storyguide’s discretion, the former wizard may have been a disreputable Elementalist from the Maghreb, a Soqotran spy or a Bedouin hakima (Folk Witch) and the ‘udhurut may have further magical powers in addition to their ability to cause fear tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of the Troupe’s characters. An adventurous Hermetic magus with an association with wolves such as a Bjornaer with a wolf Heartbeast or a Tremere scout may also be appropriate.

The weakness of this particular ghost is Protected Group (members of the same magical tradition), meaning that if the ghost is a former Hermetic magus, player magi may be in a unique position to defeat the apparition and gain the wary trust of the members of the grateful bayt al-hikma. During the course of their exorcism attempts the magi may potentially uncover the circumstances of the former wizard’s murder and provoke a confrontation with the killer which may have further consequences for their relationship with the local sahir.

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