The Order of Suleiman

I did not write this chapter (although I pitched for it admittedly), but as I wrote the Jinn chapter I spent a lot of time reading Erik’s work so that my concepts tied into what he was trying to do with the sahir mechanics. I’ll therefore use this page to link to various clarifications raised by the forum members and answered by the chapter’s author Erik Dahl (or less ably by me) that have appeared over the years.

I’ll also use it as a hub to link to any additional sahir material.

Atlas Forum Threads relating to Sahir

Note: this original thread about the tCatC found here also contains some useful initial clarifications about sahir and jinn (beginning from page 6).

A 5th Edition Sahir Variant

Niall Christie, author of ArM4 Blood & Sand: the Levant Tribunal, drafted a revised version of his original sahir for ArM5 that he kindly allowed me to post on this blog. I’ve filed it under the Blood & Sand Redux section of the Mythic Levant pages.

Niall’s version utilises the rules for Ars Goetia presented in Realms of Power: the Infernal, Houses of Hermes: Societates and The Mysteries: Revised Edition to reflect the wider suite of powers available to his initial conception of the Islamic sorcerers while utilising the existing ArM5 rules.

It can also be found over on his (dormant) website Sanctum Hermeticum Renewed.

Hedge Traditions

Originally I had some ideas for including various associated hedge traditions within the Order of Suleiman or detailing a “Ringing the Changes” style section for using conventional Mythic European hedge traditions in the Mythic Middle East.

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