Germanic Shapeshifters

This was my first piece of writing for Ars Magica 4th edition and is now deuterocanonical in any case, having been superceded by the material in the “Pomeranian Werewolves” sidebar of Guardians of the Forest, page 99.

Sadly I’m having trouble locating the original submission file in my archives, so for the moment I’d suggest checking out pages 36-39 of the free download of Hermes Portal #13 and enjoy this piece of my juvenilia (published 2004) with accompanying artwork.

This issue of Hermes Portal incidentally contains some great articles by Erik Dahl, Andrew Gronosky, and the legendary Michaël de Verteuil. It also has one of my favourite pieces by Alex White “Prince of Magi: Osthanes”, an article on Magians (Zoroastrian wizards), which combined with material from his “Mythic Zoroastrian” article from Hermes Portal #9, ultimately evolved into official ArM5 material in Chapter 5 of The Cradle and the Crescent. 

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