Magic of the Knights of Seneca

The magic of the Knights of Seneca is influenced by many schools, and their philosophy advocates cross-training. There has always been a strong Mercurian influence amongst them, and they also include a closed lineage of Verditius magi.

Schools of Magical Combat

The School of Delendos

Recommended Virtue: Puissant Creo

Not to be confused with the figure of legend, the Delendos who was a Schism War veteran was a master of Creo, and magi descended of his lineage have Puissant Creo as their Free House Virtue. As they focus on conjuration and evocation, they are easily confused with the School of Sebastian or the School of the Founder. However, the former excludes fire magic and the latter focuses on that alone. This School uses fire and other attacks to form a well rounded repertoire, and have been known to train an apprentice that can cast Incantation of Lightning and Ball of Abysmal Flame right out of their gauntlet. Aside from flashy evocations, they also rely on logistical conjurations and healing.

The School of Valdarius

Closed Mystery Lineage

Valdarius of Verditius was a war comrade of Delendos during the Schism War. He renounced his original House in disgust, accusing them of timid inaction and double dealing, and joined House Flambeau. His use of magical armaments was impressive and his valor in combat left no doubt of his worthiness, and he was inducted in the heat of battle. Considered a part of the School of Verditius, the lineage of Valdarius represents a closed set of Mysteries handed down from parens to filius. If an elder dies before they teach you their secrets, they are gone forever. House Verditius will not teach you, and they look on you with disdain.

You begin with Verditius Magic as your Free House Virtue, having all the same benefits and drawbacks. You must also choose the Minor Flaw of Cabal Legacy, and it is common to have a Vendetta going with the Confraternity of Roland (as this lineage is split off from that one). Mysteries still known by this lineage include Items of Quality, Reforging, and a Major Magic Focus in Arms & Armour. Inner Mysteries may be learned in any order and even taken during character creation.

The School of Julius

Recommended Virtue: Skilled Parens

Regardless of the School of their parens, all magi of the Knights of Seneca are trained in the School of Julius. This does not represent a magical lineage (Julius himself was of the line of Delendos).

If creating a Knight of Seneca as a newly Gauntleted magus, you must choose Skilled Parens in addition to your Free House Virtue, reflecting the diverse training you received from your elders. You must also take the Minor Flaw of Mentor.

Spell Mastery

The Knights of Seneca emphasize the importance of Spell Mastery, no matter what your school, and they like to keep on top of new developments in this field. Having a strong Mercurian influence, they are able to learn and teach all of the Mastery Abilities listed on pages 33 & 34 of Houses of Hermes: Societates. In addition, the Knights of Seneca have acquired these latest developments in the field of Spell Mastery.

Amplify (Cult of Mercury)

Similar to the Mutantes Boost, this Mercurian variation is at once more versatile and more limited. You may use vis (of the appropriate Art(s)) to amplify the power of the mastered spell. Each pawn spent adds one magnitude to the Range, Duration, Target, and/or Damage of the spell. A Magnitude of increased damage usually equals and additional +5 points for direct damage spells, +2 for indirect effects, and for many Perdo effects an increase in wound severity. You may not Amplify a spell to Duration-Year or Target Boundary, unless the spell is already a Ritual. The limitation is that the maximum number of pawns you may use to Amplify a spell equals your Mastery score.


You choose one aspect of the spell, Range, Duration, or Target, and you can change it by one magnitude. Which parameter and how it is flexed (up or down) is fixed when you choose this Mastery Ability. You may choose this multiple times for different options. However, you may not use two options together at the same time unless this is chosen as a third separate ability. Treat the spell as a normal spell of the adjusted level.


This allows you to cast multiple different spells at once. Each of the other spells involved must also be mastered with Ability, and the maximum number of spells allowed equals the lowest Mastery score of all the spells involved. Each spell is rolled for separately, in whatever order you desire. If a spell fails, fatigue loss is applied and you may continue down the line if you didn’t botch. If you accumulate additional fatigue loss after unconsciousness, each additional level lost causes an extra hour of unconsciousness. You may halt the succession any time you choose. Subtract the total number of discrete targets from any aimed/targeting rolls that may be required. Even if all spells are directed at the same target a -1 penalty still applies. Multiple Spells may be otherwise or further penalized or restricted, depending on the circumstances. Usually this is only used for a combination of two spells meant to work together. If you want to lob multiple attack spells at targets, you are better off Multicasting.

Vacillated Casting

When casting the Mastered spell, you may choose to delay the effect, and even decline it. You first roll to cast the spell, and if successful, you exercise the option to hold it by concentrating. When choosing to release it, treat the spell as if you had just cast it for purposes of Initiative. When you concentration relaxes (or fail), you may choose to release the spell or let it dissipate (unless you botched your Concentration roll). No words or gestures are required to release or decline a spell.

This cannot be employed with Ritual spells except by Mercurian Magi, and instead of holding the spell with concentration, they employ a focus object. The Ritual can be held until the next sunrise or sunset, and can be declined as normal.

New Spells

Fist of Jupiter
CrAu20, R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
You discharge a thunderbolt upon whatever you strike with your touch, inflicting +20 damage. Those hit by the thunderbolt must make a Strength stress roll of 6+ to remain standing. This spell fits well with the Vacillated Casting Special Mastery Ability.
(Base 3, +4 unnatural, +1 Touch)

Sword of the Avenger
CrIg20 , R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, Req: Rego
This ignites a flame along the edge of a sword blade, doubling its damage value. More than a simple variant, this spell is intended for use with the Mastery Ability of Imperturbable Casting, because of the difficulty maintaining concentration on a spell during combat. In addition, the Rego requisite protects the sword from the flames, allowing the spell to be used repetitively on a weapon with out harming it.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Requisite)

Wrath of Reculed
CrIg20, R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind, Req: Rego
This spell creates a jet of flame that emanates from your hands, shooting out up to twenty paces in the direction you choose. Anything caught in the path of this flame suffers +15 damage (-1 per pace of distance). Aiming is usually easy for this spell (+1 on Targeting rolls), but going against strong winds can be difficult (-1 or more). A jet is a natural form of fire that can be found various places in the Middle East.
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Requisite)

Sphere of Delendos
CrTe20 , R: Per, D: Diam, T: Ind
This conjures a sphere of steel around you that is sufficient protection against most physical harm. The sphere has a diameter equal to your height, and there is more than enough air for the duration.
(Base 5, +1 Diameter, +1 elaborate shape, +1 safely surrounding)

Howl of the Steel Weapons
InTe15 , R: Per, D: Sun, T: Hearing
This spell warns you of the danger of metallic weapons with a howling sound signaling motion. This grants a +9 Defense bonus versus metallic weapons, provided you are able to parry or evade the attack, and you can dodge any metallic or metal tipped projectile originating from more than ten paces distance. The howl is only audible to you and cannot be mimicked by voices.
(Base 2, +2 Sun, +3 Hearing)




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