Topics of Interest

I seem to have collected a number of seemingly unconnected areas that I find particularly interesting in an Ars Magica context. Many of these are peripheral to a conventional style game but are elements that have crept into canon over the years.

I’d like to see more of these sort of concepts developed – the Mythic Europe of ArM5 is a sound base but there are other stories to tell…

So, in no particular order (and with links to follow):

  1. Jinn. Pretty much everything to do with “genies”. It’s my signature tune as an author.
  2. The Mythic Levant. I’d like to revise the whole Tribunal book for ArM5.
  3. Summoner style characters. In particular sahir as expressed in Niall’s original concepts, but also more generally incorporeal necromancers and related hedge traditions. This includes theurgy and “spirit master build” characters.
  4. Hedge Magic in general. I’d have no trouble playing in a Saga without Hermetic magi at all – it can be done and it has more potential than you might think.
  5. Medieval Astrology. This includes hedge magic above but also the particular astrological instruments of the era such as astrolabes, orrerys and similar mechanical devices. Many of these were Islamic in origin.
  6. Redcaps. Oft neglected but rich in potential, more than just postmen.
  7. Mythic Genoa. As opposed to Mythic Venice. It’s not been done in an RPG so I’m all for it.
  8. The Silk Road. There are so many stories here I lose count.
  9. Nomads. Not just Mongols but the whole cultural aspects. A Nomad Saga anyone?
  10. Terrae Magi. The real legacy of Guernicus. Not just Jedi mind tricks for these guys.
  11. Mythic Mythos. Cthulus elements in Ars Magica. Weird but potentially cool.
  12. AndalusiaOne of the most interesting parts of medieval Iberia IMO.
  13. Mundane Beasts. Critters. All kinds. Familiars or Shapechanged forms.
  14. Languages. The current Ability based language system has it’s faults but it’s fun.

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