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On Astrolabes

The spherical astrolabe, long employed in medi...
A Spherical Astrolabe (Photo source: Wikimedia Commons)

My fascination with astrolabes began a while ago, but I think it stems mainly from my fascination with clockwork and mechanical devices in general (I’m a bit of a steampunk tragic, but it’s tough to translate this into Ars Magica as it stands although perhaps exciting as a variant setting).

The image to the right is one of the most interesting I’ve found, a spherical astrolabe that would be almost impossible to craft with thirteenth century technology, but potentially simple with Hermetic craft magic.

I think a spherical astrolabe would make a great talisman concept for an astrological magus and is distinct enough from an armillary sphere to play a potential role in ArM5 Sagas. I’ll be detailing other astronomical devices (predominantly mediveal Islamic in origin) over time, but for now details for astrolabes are presented here.

Revealing The House of Stars

Grand Orrery in Putnam Gallery (Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve been doing some maintenance, tidying up in the back rooms of the site and dusting off some of the more obscure artifacts and peering into half-forgotten nooks. During my discoveries I found an old Sub Rosa article I’d decided to repost but had not yet made visible publicly.

I’ve scrubbed it up to  a new shine and present for your interest an Iberian based dedicated research covenant based around  giant orrery I designed using the ArM5 rules as a writing exercise.

Welcome to Dar al-Nujum covenant